Healthy Homes - Steps to a Clean and Safe Child Care Home

Carefully read the home study text. Please complete and return this quiz to the YFCI office or your monitor within two (2) weeks of receipt.

Answer all questions. This is a required two (2) hour CACFP training.

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1. Describe and define each process:
1.A * Clean:
1.B * Sanitize:
1.C * Disinfect:
2. According to The Department of Early Education and Care (EEC), there are steps you must follow when cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.
2.A * What kind of soap or detergent to you use for cleaning and what is specifically not to be used?
2.B * How often are towels, washcloths, sheets to be washed?
2.C * What is meant by Special Precaution treatment?
2.D * Surfaces and equipment must be _____ dried after sanitizing or disinfecting.
3. * What surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized daily, before and after each use?
4. * How often are bibs to be cleaned and sanitized?
5. List surfaces or items that are to be cleaned and sanitized at least daily:
5.A *
5.B *
5.C *
5.D *
5.E *
6. List surfaces or items that are to be cleaned and disinfected at least daily:
6.A *
6.B *
6.C *
6.D *
7. * What is the proper sanitizing dilution amount of bleach for a quart of water?
8. * What is the proper disinfection dilution amount of bleach for 1/2 gallon of water?
9. * What does the American Poison Control Centers report about household cleaning products?
10. List 3 reasons that the makes the care of the physical environment important for young children:
10.A *
10.B *
10.C *
11. * What can we understand about words like "natural" or "non-toxic" that appear on cleaning products labels?
12. * Describe the risks of one chemical used in cleaners in the list on page 6.
13. * Describe the extra risk posed by spray bottles and aerosol cans.
14. * What are endocrine disruptors?
15. * What is an example of a chemical endocrine disruptor?
16. What are 3 tools for safer cleaning?
16.1 *
16.2 *
16.3 *
17. What are 3 benefits to using microfiber cleaning cloths and mops?
17.1 *
17.2 *
17.3 *
18. * What are the two products that you don't use when laundering microfiber?
19. * What are two symbols you should look for when purchasing "green" cleaning products?
20. * What words on cleaning product labels should you avoid if possible?
21. * What is a safe home-made cleaner that you can use? Have you made and used such a cleaner?
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