Food Safety Basics Quiz FY 2010

Carefully read the enclosed home study text. Please complete and return this quiz to the YFCI office or your monitor within two (2) weeks of receipt.

Answer all questions. This is a required two (2) hour CACFP training.

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1. * What is the estimated number of cases of foodborne illness each year?
2. * Why are children more at risk for a foodborne illness?
3. * Why are older people more at risk for a foodborne illness?
4. * What is the range of time that you could become sick from a foodborne illness?
5. What are three (3) important things to remember when food shopping?
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Dry storage of food:
6. * How far off the floor are food and paper supplies to be stored?
7. * What is the best temperature range for dry food storage?
8. * Why is it a good idea to date foods when you buy them?
9. * Describe how you accomplish "First In-First Out".
Refrigerated storage of food:
10. * What is the highest safe temperature for refrigerated food?
11. Cold air needs to circulate to keep foods safe in the refrigerator.
True False
12. Make sure all containers are sealed.
True False
13. Leftover foods are to be served within 2 days.
True False
14. Store eggs in the original container.
True False
15. * Where should you place your refrigerator thermometer?
Frozen storage of food:
16. * What is the safe temperature range for your freezer?
17. To avoid raising the freezer temperature, do not open and close the door frequently.
True False
18. Never refreeze a food unless it has been thoroughly cooked.
True False
19. * Describe one (1) safe method for thawing foods:
20. * Where can whole wheat flour be stored to maintain freshness?
21. What are the four basic rules to Fight BAC! ?
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22. Describe four (4) ways to keep pests out of your kitchen and food storage.
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23 * Why should you keep your family pet out of your kitchen and eating areas?
24 What are the foods that may not be served on the food program to children under three (3) years of age due to choking concerns?
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25 * Describe what you do to prevent choking:
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