FY 2017 - Record Keeping Training

Carefully read the home study text. Complete and return this quiz to the YFCI office or your monitor within two (2) weeks of receipt.

Answer all questions. This is a required two (2) hour CACFP training.

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1. Which of the following records must be maintained daily in your child care home? Please check all that apply.  
1.1 Daily attendance, including in and out times for each child
1.2 Copies of current child enrollment forms
1.3 Menus that are planned and recorded prior to meal service
1.4 Meal counts by each meal type claimed
1.5 All of the above
2. * I can not use my attendance record as an accurate meal count.True False
3. * Menus must be posted daily or weekly for parents to view.True False
4. * YFCI enrollment forms must be completed and signed by parents for all infants and children in your care, and submitted to YFCI. If submitted by fax or electronic means, we do not need the original mailed.True False
5. Failure to keep required records may result in you being found (answer 5.1) in your operation of the CACFP. This may result in loss of (answer 5.2).  
5.1 *
5.2 *
6. * Who must be trained to maintain CACFP records in your absence?
7.* Yours for Children, Inc. provides the paper forms, computer program, or application needed to complete your claim either on paper or online.True False
8. CACFP participation must be offered to (answer 8.1) children; including infants Providers do this by giving parents YFCI Child (answer 8.2).  
8.1 *
8.2 *
9. Once a parent completes and signs the Child Enrollment Forms, the provider must:  
9.1 *
9.2 *
9.3 *
9.4 *
10. * If you provide substitute care as a back up, the child must be enrolled in your program with a complete child enrollment form within 24 hours of providing care. A copy of the children's form from the regular provider may be used.True False
11. What are the two most common menu errors?  
11.1 *
11.2 *
12.* You are required to serve children over 2 years old low-fat (1%) or skim milk.True False
13. When meal patterns change in October 2017 providers will need to serve more (answer 13.1) and (answer 13.2). Cookies and sweet grains wil not be (answer 13.3).  
13.1 *
13.2 *
13.3 *
14. Meal patterns will mandate you serve a (answer 14.1) at every lunch/supper and a (answer 14.2) at least once a day.  
14.1 *
14.2 *
15. List the foods that pose a high choking risk and are not to be served to children younger than 3 years old; an alternate food must be served and recorded.  
15.1 *
15.2 *
15.3 *
15.4 *
15.5 *
16. * Each infant must have his/her own menu regardless of age. Effective 10/1/2017 _____________ will not be creditable for infants.
17. * How many meal services can you claim per day for a child? Explain.
18. * Typically a provider submitting paper claims will need to use the Claim Information Form (CIF) more often. True False
19. * You must send us a copy of any new license for you or an assistant within ______ Business days of receiving your new license from EEC.
20. * List the documents that must be displayed in your child care home:  
20.1 *
20.2 *
20.3 *
20.4 *
21. * You will receive at least 3 home reviews during the fiscal year. Two of these must be unannounced at a meal service. True False
22. * Please check all of the ways your monitor will review your meal preparation and service procedures during a Home Review.  
22.1 View your daily or weekly dated menu(s) are posted
22.2 Review your current month’s menu
22.3 Confirm menu was recorded prior to meal service
22.4 Confirm meal observed matches your posted menu
22.5 Check kitchen and food storage areas
22.6 Check temperature of child care refrigerators and freezers
22.7 Check expiration dates of refrigerated and dry storage
22.8 All of the above
23. * You are required to complete (answer 23) hours of CACFP training each fiscal year List the category and number of hours required for each.
23.1 * Category
23.2 * Hours
23.3 * Category
23.4 * Hours
23.5 * Category
23.6 * Hours
24.* Required training must be completed each fiscal year to remain eligible for meal reimbursement.True False
25. * Explain what happens if your claim is received after the 5th day of the following month. How might this impact your child care program?
How does YFCI notify you of important CACFP updates?
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To do this, it is critical that we have your most current ___________ , and that you read ALL of your YFCI emails.  
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